Maria Cristina Rattighieri

Maria Christina Rattighieri, PhD
Pilgrimages at the replicas of the Holy Sepulchre in the Emilia Romagna region, Italy


In November 2014 I completed my Post-Doctorate research, The Holy Sepulcher Near Home: Pilgrims
at San Girolamo, Reggio Emilia and at Santo Stefano, Bologna, Emilia Region, Italy, under the supervision
of Prof. Bianca Kühnel. Now I intend to carry on researching the replicas of the Holy Sepulcher in
the Romagna Region and nearby Italian regions, hoping to discover more replicas not so well
known to many people as it happened to the one in Reggio Emilia. My passion for replicas of the
Holy Sepulcher will stay with me, together with my everlasting interest for the lady pilgrims
traveling solo to the Holy Land.
I will carry on helping the Spectrum Group with my Italian links as much as I can and continue their
academic relationship with Bologna University, my Alma Mater.